Twitter Can't Figure Out Which 2017 Celebrity Pregnancy Is More Important: Carter Vs. Clooney

Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images/NARAS.
It's the battle of the Hollywood babies. In the hours since Amal and George Clooney announced the birth of their twins, Alexander and Ella —  perfect names, by the way — Twitter has been going at it. You see, the internet just can't seem to decide which pair of twins they're more excited about in 2017. Is it the Clooneys' or the Carters'?
A harder question has never been asked, but Twitter is trying its best to come up with an answer. Of course, this ridiculous back and forth is as hilarious as ever with fans on both sides trying to explain themselves in 140 characters or less. What is clear once again, though, is you don't mess with the Beyhive.
"Amal & George should enjoy the time before Beyoncé gives birth when they have the most adorable twins in the world," one person wrote. Is it just us, or do those sound like some fighting words?
Another fan wrote, "I damn near fainted when I heard the twins had been born only to realize it's the Clooney twins. Anyway, now we wait for our twins @Beyonce."
There were those that couldn't choose between the two couples so just asked a very simple question: "I'm having twins the same year as Amal Clooney & Beyoncé. Do you think I can get their hand-me-downs?"
Others just seemed fascinated by the fact that Beyoncé announced she was pregnant weeks before Amal but still hasn't had her twins. Many even cried foul about this whole thing. "How did George Clooney and Amal have their twins before Beyoncé?" one person asked.
Another wrote, "george clooney & his wife announced that they were having twins a couple weeks after bey did & amal just gave birth. @Beyonce u ain't slick." This person's not alone since the conspiracy theories that Beyoncé already gave birth are out there.
Obviously, this is all in good fun since there's no comparison between these babies. The only thing they have in common is that we're all very jealous of who their parents are.

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