You'll Never Guess Who Makes Selena Gomez's Tank Top

Photo: Courtesy of Getty.
Over the past week, Selena Gomez show us just why she's earned a reputation as a Style Star. And it's not just because she knows how to dress for date night. As the face of Coach, she's often seen sporting the brand while out and about. But, contractual obligations aside, that isn't the own label Gomez has shown loyalty to. The 13 Reasons Why producer has a knack for curating outfits that consist of both high-end and affordable pieces, like a Topshop turtleneck, a denim jacket from Zara, or a red dress from Givenchy.
Recently, the performer spent some time in New York City, where she showed off more outfits that we could really keep track of. (In case you're trying to gauge how many that really is, she made six outfit changes yesterday alone). Yet it was one of the more simple looks that caught our eye.
Gomez was seen in what might be our new, favorite summer top: A striped, mohair tank from Alexa Chung's new collection. (And what better line to shop than one curated by someone whose name is so synonymous with style?) Perfect for an early summer day, the piece isn't just stylish, but it's fully functional too. Paired with casual, frayed jeans, orange mules, and a crossbody, this is one of the easiest outfit formulas to emulate. Some might say The Weeknd is her best accessory, but Gomez knows its J.W. Anderson's Pierce Bag that truly makes an outfit shine.

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