This Polly Pocket Purse Is A '90s Dream Come True

Photo: Lois Joy Thurstun/Alamy.
If Topshop, Missguided, and other high street stores weren't enough to give fashion fans a major case of jealousy, the latest offering from Truffle Shuffle certainly will. For those unfamiliar, Truffle Shuffle is a shop that specializes in the geekier side of fashion, with clothes created for specific fandoms (like Harry Potter, Dr. Who, and the like) and nostalgic throwbacks. That's the department to focus on right now, because the unique shop is stocked with a Polly Pocket-inspired handbag that'll make your inner child happier than ever.
Allure reports that the high-street store is currently offering a cross-body bag in the shape of a heart. That's nothing new, of course, since designers high (Saint Laurent) and low (Forever 21) have had heart-shaped bags for a few seasons. What sets Truffle Shuffle's apart is the fact that its' emblazoned with the Polly Pocket logo and contains a scene straight from everyone's favorite carry-along mini doll from the '90s. Inside the candy-pink exterior, there's a printed lining from the classic toy.

Omg i can now relive my childhood through this #pollypocket handbag?

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While fans won't be able to play with the furniture or move a tiny doll from room to room (the restrictions of two dimensions and all), the bag offers up a hefty dose of childhood nostalgia. Unlike the real thing, you can carry your everyday essentials inside the bag, too, not just tiny accessories and maybe a hair tie or two. Truffle Shuffle chose to recreate a pretty pretty princess scene for the bag, upping the fantasy ante just a little more.
Interested in the magical little bag? Truffle Shuffle does offer its wares online, so check out the store's site on June 23, when this particular Polly Pocket pocketbook is set to go live.
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