Anna Faris Is All Of Us On A Long-Haul Flight

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Over the last few years, kate spade new york has worked on crafting a line-up of strong, funny women to represent its brand. From Anna Kendrick to Girls star Zosia Mamet, the company has found success by slating comedic actresses in its whimsical, fashion-focused short film series titled Miss Adventure. And its latest installment is no exception.
For "The Bumpy Ride," kate spade new york tapped two of our favorites: Anna Faris and Rosie Perez, to take on the common horrors one faces when flying coach — waiting until cruising altitude for a stiff drink, a passive aggressive flight attendant (portrayed by actor and comedian John Early), needing to use the restroom while a giant soft-drink trolley blocks the aisle, and the "slight inconvenience" of being held at the runway gate after a gruelingly long-haul flight. Somehow, five minutes with Faris and Perez is able to capture all of these gripes, and convince us to laugh — not cringe — about them.
Perez's straight-faced delivery balances out Faris' kooky performance and, unsurprisingly, the duo hardly followed much of a script. Faris tells Refinery29: "I had never met her before, she’s amazing! We spent the whole day playing with each other. We had a script but we didn’t really stick to it and we just got to improv."
That avocado joke (which you can catch in the video below) may have been one of the scripted moments, but the panic that resulted from it wasn't too difficult for Faris to pull off. In a moment of life imitating art, Faris' character stresses out during the international flight's descent over a few avocados in her piñata purse (which Faris admitted was so cute, she tried, and failed, to take it from the set) that she failed to declare.
"I did have a produce issue once," she said. "I was coming back from Europe and my mom gave me an orange for the plane and sure enough, a fruit sniffing beagle at LAX flagged me and I had to spend an hour going through extra security." It gets better. "At the time, it was during sort of the panic of some big produce scare. So I had to wait in line behind, what felt like 200 people, though it probably wasn’t. But, they did this whole big extra security check on my luggage after flying 11 hours. I love my mom, but if she ever gives me a piece of fruit before I fly…"
In between dealing with avocado situation, the two characters are given an announcement that the plane will be held at the gate once it lands. While enduring the delay with Perez wouldn't be the worst, we asked Faris who she would ideally choose to tough it out with.
"Is it going to sound so cheesy if I say my sweet husband?" In case you've forgotten, Anna Faris and Chris Pratt are married in what, inarguably, is the sole reason we believe in love again. "I love that flying now, even though it’s incredibly stressful and it’s so miserable, at it’s a time when, if I do get the opportunity to fly with Chris and Jack all together, nobody can bug us. I would definitely pick my sweet husband."
Her genuine answer is a good reminder that Faris' character, while just as hilarious as the actress playing her, is a bit more dressed up than we're accustomed to seeing then comedian in her many Tweets. While the chili pepper leggings are a relatable touch, the blown out hair and head-to-toe Kate Spade attire is definitely above and beyond for normal international flight attire. When asked how she actually dresses, she said: "Comfort sort-of trumps everything; I’m practical. I’m usually traveling with my kid and we usually have a ton of stuff. If I’m wearing boots with a one-inch heel, that’s really good for me. As soon as you get on the plane, of course you want to just chill and watch a movie." (Editors note: Faris sing-song'd the phrase "watch a movie" exactly how you would have envisioned her to.)
This film format, at least for the fashion world, is still somewhat unique. Creating these mini-series as a new way to display its merchandise is exactly what helps Kate Spade stay afloat in an industry bogged down by traditional photo campaigns. As for Faris' take on joining the project, she says: "I was really thrilled when they approached me. I think the very first nice bag I got in Hollywood was a Kate Spade bag. [It was] one of the first really nice pieces that I owned. I hate to overuse the word whimsical, but I think that the Kate Spade brand is. It’s super-stylish, but there’s also a sense of playfulness in it, and I feel like that really reflects me. It feels like this is a perfect fit."
Faris made sure to not jump too far ahead though, reminding us just how laid-back she really is. "I feel like I’m sort of known for my sweatpants," she adds. "For me to be able to enter the fashion world through partnering with Kate Spade was really exciting."

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