Does Fifth Harmony's New Song "Down" Sound Too Much Like This Terror Jr Track?

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Did this mysterious group just shade Fifth Harmony for ripping off their song? It certainly seems like it.
On Friday, Fifth Harmony released their first track without Camila Cabello, who left the girl group back in December to pursue an (already pretty successful) solo career. However, it's not merely the group's first foursome venture that is getting people to talk about the new tune. Some people claim that "Down," which features Gucci Mane, sounds a lot like Terror Jr's track "Come First" — and Terror Jr seemingly agrees.
Oh No They Didn't! shared the possibility that these songs sound a little too similar, and provided this tweet from Shady Music Polls, which plays clips from both tracks back to back, as evidence:
For those who have yet to hear of Terror Jr, the group prides itself on being cloaked in secrecy — so much so that people think that Kylie Jenner might be the frontwoman behind the pop act. The reason? Terror Jr basically didn't exist until their song "3 Strikes" was featured in a commercial for Jenner's lip glosses. However, whether the group contains Jenner or not, Terror Jr has slowly been building a social media following and dropping hits almost as often as they tweet out cryptic messages.
One recent cryptic message seemingly accuses a certain pop star (or is it pop group?) of stealing their song.
"ur . . favorite . . pop . . star . . just . . ripped . . us . . off . . because . . they . . are . . goldfish . . & . . we . . are . . not"
However, while some fans agreed that Fifth Harmony's track was similar to "Come First," others accused Terror Jr of ripping off their song, "Work From Home" with "Come First." Which, yes, means Fifth Harmony technically ripped off their own song but... whatever.
So far Fifth Harmony has yet to respond to the shade, but they did tweet a message of thanks to their fans following their performance on Good Morning America:
"Can't stop smiling!!!! Thank you for showing us love @GMA #5HonGMA"
Sounds like nothing — even a plagiarism accusation — can keep this girl group down.

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