Kylie Jenner Is Adding Fuel To The Best Conspiracy Theory About Her Yet

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There are a few things that money cannot buy: happiness, love, and a good singing voice. Good thing there's autotune which Kylie Jenner can most definitely afford.

On October 24, Jenner shared on her website that her dream career would be a singer. “It’s no secret I love music, especially everything we play on Kylie Radio,” she wrote. “And I have some crazy talented friends with beautiful voices, like Justine Skye [...] I really would love to be able to sing!!!” she added. “It’s the one talent I wish I had.” Ever since Jenner was featured in a music video for the group Terror Jr. (if you're older than 20, then it's completely acceptable to have never heard of the group), the internet has developed a conspiracy theory for the ages. And it just might be true.

Hmm... Is this another nod to the growing theory? Let's evaluate.

It all started when Jenner released her lip glosses and debuted an accompanying video for a song from the brand new electronic group. The song: "Three Strikes." The group: Terror Jr. The members: Felix Snow, David "Campa" Benjamin, and Lisa Terror. The mystery: Who the hell is Lisa Terror? The high-pitched autotuned female voice is featured front-and-center of every song the group releases, but she remains faceless in their promotional photographs, hidden by a very Kylie-esque pink wig.
After their initial reveal (or lack thereof), people started noticing how weird it was that Jenner would enlist a completely unknown group to be the voice of her lucrative makeup line. That is, unless it's all a ruse and we're all listening to Jenner unknowingly. It would actually make sense that if she does have a desire to sing, she would want to hide behind a veil of anonymity in order to have people listen to her music, free of pretense (negative or positive).

The clues from there are even more subtle. The fact that they only follow her account on Instagram and Twitter. The group also agrees to do trolly interviews like this one with Teen Vogue where they only answered questions using the grape emoji. If they really are just a random group of teens, then they're really doing some creative guerilla marketing.

Most recently, on October 19, Jenner shared a video on her YouTube account of her singing a few bars from Solange's "Cranes In The Sky." Even though she's laughing during the brief video, it can't be a coincidence that she shared it the SAME DAY that Terror Jr. released their new song, "Bop City." Sus.

Fans of both Terror Jr. and Jenner (should I note that Jr and Jenner both share the same first and last letters) are pretty keen on the idea of an overlap.
The truth will come to light eventually. Until now, this is all we got.

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