Ariel Winter Had To Explain Her Interview For The Rest Of The Internet

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Ariel Winter has never been one to suffer fools. Which is a good thing, considering that being a high-profile 19-year-old seems to make the fools come running. This week, Winter had to clarify for the press the intention behind an interview she gave to Refinery29. After several outlets highlighted a quote about Winter's boyfriend Levi Meaden, the actress made a statement on Instagram.
"Y'all I love you but PLEASE pay attention and post my REAL point from my @refinery29 interview!!!" she began. The interview, conducted by Arianna Davis, is part of R29's Take Back The Beach campaign. The focus of the interview itself was body confidence, something Winter has been very outspoken about in the past.
"The point [of the interview] was to take back the beach and help people understand that the beach should be a safe space to go as you please and feel good about yourself no matter what!" Winter wrote in her response.
The quote some outlets chose to focus on was just a portion of the fairly extensive interview — Winter, when asked about the press attention she and Meaden have received for their 10-year age gap and cohabiatation, pointed out, "There are tons of people of all ages that live with their boyfriend." Others chose to highlight a quote about the 45th president. (Winter said, accurately, that "our leadership is really anti-women right now.")
To reiterate: Neither of these topics were the focus of the interview. The beach — or, more specifically, feeling comfortable getting out there and having fun — was the focus. Almost 75% of women in a Refinery29 poll said that wearing a swimsuit at the beach is the most stress-ridden situation they face regarding their bodies. For Winter, the beach is fun. She brings snacks and toys and sometimes wears a little makeup.
"Makeup on, makeup off, heels, sandals, covered up, exposed, do you and feel HAPPY about who you are and YOUR choices, not the ones society wants us to choose," Winter continued in her Instagram caption, which accompanies a photo that appears in the interview itself. "Body positivity is important — not that I live with my boyfriend. Press — please read the article and take it for what it is — not what will give you more readers!"
Read the whole interview yourself, here.
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