Mehgan James Has Been Dropping Hints About Rob Kardashian For Weeks & We Didn't Notice

Photo: Jerod Harris/Getty Images.
Rob Kardashian is back in the dating game, and for once, it doesn't involve Blac Chyna. InTouch reports that the Kardashian brother is dating Mehgan James, a reality star who you may have seen on the show Bad Girls Club. Unsurprisingly, there's already some drama around their relationship. The outlet reports that the family doesn't approve of the match, and that some of the Kardashian clan are even refusing to meet James because of her notorious "out of control and volatile" nature.
While their relationship was just announced, like most courtships, it came together over time. In fact, James has the Instagram posts to prove it. Scroll back in the star's feed, and you'll see several hints that there was a new love in her life. She even went as far as to directly tag the Kardashian in her photos, especially those including Arthur George socks, Kardashian's sock company which James has been keen to promote.
Ahead are some of the sneakiest clues that the two were on their way to being a couple, all hiding in plain sight on Instagram.

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