The Stranger Things Kids Know Nothing About Season 2 Except This…

Fifteen-year-old Caleb McLaughlin is a star. Despite having a few smaller one-off gigs in the past, it was his portrayal of the pragmatic Lucas Sinclair in Stranger Things that catapulted him to a new league of Instagram followers.
In an interview with the Huffington Post, the teen actor shared that while he can no longer leave the house alone (alas the pitfalls of fame). Yet the most shocking reveal was how little he and his fellow co-stars know about what’s to come in season two.
For starters, when asked about the latest teaser for the show, featuring a terrifying monster, he explained he too had a "WTH" moment (H as in heck). “I didn’t even know what that was either,” he said about seeing the monster. “When I saw that, I was like, ‘What the heck is that?’ I was like, ‘Um, there is something I do not know about the script?’ So that’s definitely good because it makes my reaction even better — for me to have a real reaction. I have no idea what that is.”

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When asked about what fans of the series can expect to see in the next installment, McLaughlin did mention that things will be much darker. Both he and Finn Wolfhard (who plays Mike Wheeler) also felt season two will be better than the first.
“I think Season 2 is a lot different. And it’s gonna be better and darker, and you get more into the characters instead of like last season, so that’s the good part about it.”
Another thing? McLaughlin teased that next season we’ll get little more backstory about the residents of Hawkins, Indiana. “Yeah, you’ll definitely dig into Lucas this year,” he said.
Head on over to HuffPo for more tidbits.

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