Britney Spears' Song "Hold It Against Me" Is About This "Babely" Pop Star

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I have a question for the pop stars of this generation: If you didn't have each other, would you have anything to write about? Katy Perry and Taylor Swift's feud has inspired at least two hit pop songs. Katy Perry wrote "I Kissed a Girl" about Miley Cyrus. Not to mention all the hullabaloo surrounding Harry Styles' new album. (Fans theorize that "Young Ghost" is about Taylor Swift. Styles has been gently allowing these rumors.) Today, Teen Vogue reports that Britney Spears' song "Hold It Against Me" also has a famous subject: Katy Perry.
This is all according to the hit's songwriter Bonnie Mckee, who collaborated on the number with Max Martin and Dr. Luke. Turns out, you don't have to be a reporter to get this kind of info; an avid fan of Spears simply tweeted at McKee about the song.
"Hold It Against Me: please tell us the inspiration. I love love love that song," @hello_gregory wanted to know. They tell you to ask for what you want in life, right? Good on Hello Gregory for asking the important questions.
McKee replied swiftly with the news that the song was about Katy Perry's "babely bod."
She wrote, "The inspiration for @britneyspears 's song Hold it Against Me was @katyperry's babely bod. True story."
Alright, so let's go over the lyrics to the 2011 hit single. The premise is simple: The song asks that the subject (presumably Katy Perry) not hold it against Britney if Britney admits she wants her bod.
The chorus goes:
"If I said my heart was beating loud
If we could escape the crowd somehow
If I said I want your body now
Would you hold it against me?"
It's a "don't hate me, but I like you" type of song, which seems to imply a sort of illicit love. It makes me wonder: Did Britney Spears and Katy Perry ever enjoy a little fling? A little clandestine romp that the press never discovered?
Now that we know that all these pop stars are drawing inspo from each other, I have a few questions about other pop songs. Namely, who is Demi Lovato singing about in "Cool for the Summer"? Or Katy Perry in "The One That Got Away"? I need answers.
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