The Romantic Story Behind Bella Hadid's New Bulgari Campaign

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When Bella Hadid goes out to dinner in Rome, the whole world knows about it before she even signs the check. Yesterday, the supermodel stepped out in a long, cut-out black gown clutching a handful of roses — and the romance rumors starting flying as quickly as the gossip columnists’ fingers could type. What was she actually doing in the city? A press tour for the launch of Bulgari Goldea Roman Night, a new musky, fruity-floral fragrance launching this September.
We sat down with Hadid in Casina Valadier, a historic restaurant that overlooks Rome, to chat about the fragrance, her travel secret, and her next big beauty splurge. And just in case anyone saw us dining together, no we’re not dating.
What was filming the ad campaign like?
"Shooting the campaign in Italy was amazing. I got to wear so many diamonds — what’s not to love?"
Tell us about your history with Bulgari.
"When my mom and dad first got married, he gave her a Bulgari bracelet. And when I turned 20, for my birthday, she gave it to me. She found all her old Bulgari scents from when my parents were first married.”
Photo Courtesy: Bulgari
Hadid shooting the ad campaign in Rome.
You lucked out with this fragrance — it smells so good!
“It’s amazing. I know, I was worried about that. What if I do this campaign and the fragrance is bad? I was so lucky to have an amazing, incredible-smelling perfume."
What does it smell like to you?
"It’s very masculine, but also feminine so it kind of reminds me of my dad’s cologne and my mother’s very feminine perfume put together. It’s a very sexy perfume.”
You’ve said that you’re focusing on yourself and being independent this year — has that affected your beauty routine at all?
“Yeah totally, I mean, I cut my hair. Which is… new woman! Before, I walked around with no makeup and you kind of change the way you carry yourself. I’m a little more confident, I guess. I love to keep my skin looking good and do a lot of masks and steams and meditating... and doing things more for myself and my inner peace.”
Bulgari Goldea Roman Night launches in September.
Has your fragrance changed, too?
“I like essential oils. That’s usually my thing, but now that this perfume is coming out, I’m going to start wearing this one.”
Is there a beauty look or makeup item that makes you feel good?
“I love a good lip liner and a good bronzer and a pink rosy cheek. It makes you feel a bit healthier.”
“I probably do it in private because I don’t want anyone to know about it!”
Biggest beauty splurge?
“There are so many facials recently that I’ve been looking at that are so expensive. Like a grand for a facial, which I think is insane. But I heard they work incredibly, so that probably would be my biggest splurge.”

I do a lot of masks and steams and meditating... and doing things more for myself and my inner peace.”

You’re in a new country every day. How do you always look so damn glowy?
“I need to drink water, which sometimes I forget to drink a lot of water. I always take my moisturizer and mask on the plane and I probably look crazy with a face mask on. And I make sure I stay active, even if I don’t have time — just to even take a walk around the hotel or through the city. Whatever I can do to make me feel a bit more… chipper."
What’s the best beauty tip you’ve picked up from your squad?
“Actually there is this new tip I do with bronzer that a makeup artist named Sabrina taught me. You go [swiping her finger along her cheekbone] and [dragging her finger down toward the outer corner of her jaw] so its like a “V” and it makes your face look slimmer. I don’t know if it works but I do it and I think it works.”
I’m pretty sure its working...
Travel and expenses for the author were provided by Bulgari for the purpose of writing this story.

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