Apparently, Paris Hilton & The Fat Jew Are Working On A Joint Fashion Venture

Paris Hilton and The Fat Jew are apparently making a clothing line for budding child DJs because this is the America we live in now.
According to BuzzFeed, the line will be called Bottle Service Apparel and is designed to be “an incredible line of clothing for an emerging market — young DJs under the age of 10.”
A press release sent to BuzzFeed’s Whitney Jefferson reads:
“Baby DJ’ing is a massive market, children ages 3-13 are not only learning the craft [for] recreational purposes, but monetizing it, as well. The last four years have seen the emergence of baby DJ schools, dance parties, and music releases. However, nobody is catering to these young entertainers in the arena of style, and Paris Hilton & The Fat Jew are about to change all that.”
Though neither Hilton nor The Fat Jew have posted anything about the alleged joint venture, Bottle Service Apparel’s Instagram page has already posted four photos and has a whopping 122 followers.
Here’s what they’ve posted so far:
This tie-dye onesie that reads “F*ck milk gimme bass” is a bit obnoxious and ignores proper grammar, but, hey, what else can you expect from Hilton and The Fat Jew, who brought you “That’s hot” and the term “hair erection,” respectively?
For the baby who feels “blessed.”
Teach ‘em how to humblebrag young.
Yes, that is a photo of a branded beanie and fingerless gloves.
Recently, Hilton seemed to hint that she might want to give motherhood a chance with boyfriend Chris Zylka in ES Magazine, from the U.K.'s Evening Standard. Is there a chance that the clothing line is in preparation for her own little DJ?
Or could the entire thing be a farce? With all of the stunts The Fat Jew has pulled over the past few years, it’s not completely unreasonable to assume he’s pulling our chains. Then again, he really did make a wine called White Girl Rosé, so who really knows at this point.

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