Rachel Lindsay's Dog Copper Is The True Winner On The Bachelorette

Hate to break it to all 31 guys vying for Rachel Lindsay's heart on The Bachelorette, but the real winner of season 13 is an adorable dog named Copper. Lindsay's rescue pup made his debut in the premiere and from the moment he stepped onscreen with his little blue leg cast he stole America's heart.
No surprise, Twitter went crazy for this adorable guy. Before the episode was through, Copper had his own Twitter account, or two to be exact: @BachDogCopper and @RachelsDog1, both of which are split on the Whaboom guy. (Aren't we all?) He was also racking up the mentions from fans who wanted to see a lot more of him.
"Ladies and gents, I present Copper and his cast," one person tweeted. "Best part of the episode."
"Rachel's dog, Copper, just stole America's heart," someone wrote, adding a hashtag that clearly ask the most important question of this season: "Is he part Pomeranian?"
Another person tweeted, "Lowkey bummed we aren't focusing more on Copper." Specifically, some wondered, "Is NO ONE gonna talk about what happened to Copper's leg?" One person believed, though, that the leg was more of symbol: "That dogs broken leg is a metaphor for all of us." And you thought The Bachelorette wasn't deep.
Someone else wrote, "5 minutes in & at this point I don't care if there will be an engagement, I just want to see more of Copper, Rachel's dog." Another declared Copper should be "the next Bachelorette," which is a show we would seriously love to watch. But, there was one person who seemed to know what we were all thinking: "Copper the dog gets the final rose, right? "
Lindsay's already revealed she's engaged to one of the suitors on the show, but she told late night host Jimmy Kimmel that Copper isn't going anywhere. In fact, she said, Copper, who is a bit of a "diva," demanded he come to the mansion with her so he could help her choose the right suitor. "That's my dog child," Lindsay said. "And he said whoever's going to be his newest daddy, if I pick one, he needed to be a part of it."
Really can't wait to hear what Copper has to say about Lindsay's fiancé in the finale's after show.

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