This Trendy L.A. Salon Wants To Make Sure You Never Destroy Your Pedicure Again

Photo: Courtesy of Olive & June.
Have you ever left a nail salon and thought, Maybe this will be the day I don't destroy my pedicure only to ding your polish the second you leave? Maybe you forgot your $1 Old Navy flip flops at home. Or maybe you walked in and realized the only footwear you brought was sneakers. Whatever the case, you probably know the feeling of defeat and embarrassment that comes with ruining a fresh pedicure. Well, one trendy L.A. salon is here to make sure you don’t blow it the next time you come in for a toe touch-up. Enter: Olive & June’s Saturday Sandal.
Olive & June, the cool-girl hot spot in California, is just one piece to the perfectly polished puzzle. Founder and CEO Sarah Gibson Tuttle partnered with shoe designer Charlotte Stone to make sure your footwear never interferes with your pedicure again. But these aren't your average disposable salon flip flops — which are usually no thicker than a few pieces of paper. (It's not like those cheap "sandals" are all that cute anyway.) And Tuttle knows this. That’s why her and Stone collaborated to create the Saturday Sandal.
Photo: Courtesy of Olive & June.
Combine the coastal vibes of Mediterranean markets with an earth-toned palette and comfortable fabric, and you have the new launch from Olive & June. Not only are the bottoms made with memory foam padding as to keep your heels in tip-top shape during the summer months, but the laces also make the design really versatile — and fashionable. Our beauty editor Lexy Lesback loved the fact that the sandal is leather ("so you know it's not going to peel or get gross") and that the straps allow you to wear the shoe in lots of different ways. (Being able to wind the straps also means less risk of dinging the polish on your toes.)
The Saturday Sandals are available now and come in five different colors: black, bone, blush, tan, and pearl. So you can practically guarantee a zero fuss pedicure every single time.
Olive & June Saturday Sandal, $65, available at Olive & June.
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