Snapchat Is Letting You Create Custom, Personalized Stories — Here's How

Forget shared photo albums, custom Snapchat Stories is the next big trend at bachelorette parties, weddings, and reunions.
Today, Snapchat is unveiling the brand new type of Story, which allows you to collaborate on on a single Story with friends, family, and other party guests. The update is arriving on the heels of the app's new creative tools, and it's a smart one. Instead of having friends post individual Stories that you'll watch one at a time, you can all add to one group Story and see an event from multiple angles.
This is Snapchat's second personalized offering: It already allows you to create a custom geofilter, but custom Stories are far more accessible — and, best of all, completely free.
Click through to see how to create, name, and add friends to your own, custom Story. Happy summer of snapping!
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Courtesy of Snapchat.
To create a custom Story, tap the plus icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Stories page. From there, you'll name your Story.

There are are two ways to add friends as contributors to a custom story. If you have a specific group of friends in mind, tap "Who can add," and choose from among your Snapchat contacts. You and all of your contributors will be able to add to and see the custom Story. You can designate additional friends as viewers, too. So, even if your college roommate can't make it to your New York reunion, they can still watch the fun from afar.
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Courtesy of Snapchat.
If you want to add friends based on location — useful if you're at a wedding or housewarming party — you can toggle on the geofence option. Geofences are about a block in circumference. When you turn one on, you can invite people within that area — either your friends, or friends of friends, on Snapchat — to contribute to the story.
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Courtesy of Snapchat.
While you can add to any number of Stories, you can only create three custom stories at once. This shouldn't be too limiting, though — unless you're going to four different parties with four entirely different groups of friends in a single night. Then again, if you do finding yourself going custom-content crazy, you can always enlist another friend to create a Story and add you as a contributor.

As with other Stories, custom ones will disappear after 24 hours — or sooner, if the creator deletes it.
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