Chrissy Teigen Is Defending Her Right To Like Ed Sheeran

We regret to inform you that Chrissy Teigen can not live on John Legend ballads alone. Deal with it.
The model and cookbook author skipped out on last night's Billboard Music Awards in favor of spending time with her sister's family and "not trying to force my back into a dress." She did, however, watch the show, singling out one performance in particular: Ed Sheeran, who played "Castle on the Hill."
"Personal opinion everyone shares: Ed Sheeran is a good dude," the Lip Sync Battle co-host tweeted.
As Teigen noted, it's a fairly innocuous comment. Divide, after all, has been dominating the charts since it came out earlier this year. Teigen's tweet also got 62,000 likes, so obviously some people agree with her.
So what's with the chorus of boos?
Teigen's comments are currently an interesting mélange of people supporting Sheeran, people bashing Sheeran, and people who don't really seem to have a dog in this fight but still think it's funny that her benign observation has triggered so many feelings.
Teigen's follow-up tweet suggested that she was getting flak for liking the British singer because he's part of Taylor Swift's squad, while she has been more closely aligned with the Kardashian camp. Clearly, she's not one for labels, petty rivalries, or die-hard stans who want to pigeon-hole everyone.
"Squad people are bonkers," Teigen tweeted. "You can like multiple humans. What the fuck."
Long story short: Don't tell her who to like.
"Oh I'm sorry I've actually met these people but yeah your favorite is better than anyone, ever," she added.
Then, just to prove her point, she praised Miley Cyrus.
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