Twitter Has Some Pretty Harsh Thoughts About The Chainsmokers' BBMAs Performance

Photo: MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images.
Look, who among us is immune to the call of "Closer" when it comes on at the club (or Spotify shuffle while scrolling through Instagram on your couch)? Certainly not I, but that doesn't mean The Chainsmokers can do no wrong. Twitter made that very clear Sunday night after the duo's performance of "Young" during the Billboard Music Awards, which, let's just say, people thought could have gone a little better.
Hey, it's not like we'd go up and immediately kill it on a stage in front of millions of viewers, and the duo is known more for their DJing and collabs than their dulcet tones. That being said, their live performance was definitely underwhelming — and don't get me started on the dancing! Either dance or stay still, but don't waffle in between the two!
Twitter had some even harsher advice for the band, which they expressed, like any internet user would, through memes.
"No offense but the chainsmokers make me wanna gouge my eyes and ears out at the same time," wrote one user.
"I don't know a single musician who likes the Chainsmokers," another viewer wrote. "It's like America loves rewarding any white guy who has no idea what he's doing."
"The Chainsmokers only know how to write one song," another added. Man, Twitter, tell us how you really feel.
Here's the thing: Yeah, that performance could have been a lot better, but they're not a stand-on-stage-and-strum-a-guitar kind of band. However, that's the only way to do a live performance of their music which is, let's face it, meant to be listened to through headphones. What The Chainsmokers are good at is finding talented celebrities and editing their collaborations into oblivion until we get a hit that's perfect for dancing and blasting while you get ready to go out.
Don't worry Chainsmokers, we still love you — we just also really, really love memes.

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