Behold, The World's Most Expensive Earrings, Ever

Today, in absurdly exorbitant and sparkly things, may we present the world's most expensive earrings, ever. Best of all? The profoundly pricy set, which Sotheby's auctioned off in its Magnificent Jewels & Noble Jewel auction in Geneva, Switzerland, doesn't even match.
The dangly earrings are named Apollo and Artemis, and they're a duo of colored diamonds that are worth a staggering chunk of change. The former is blue ("Fancy Vivid Blue," if we're getting technical here) and the latter is described as "Fancy Intense Pink". The teardrop-shaped stunners were sold for a cool $57,425,478 in total, though the values between the two earrings were quite disparate. Apollo sold for a little over $42 million, and clocks in at 14.54 carats, while its pale pink, 16-carat partner fetched $15.3 million.
The pair could've been separated on the auction block, but they'll stay united, as the same anonymous buyer snagged both earrings. "I am delighted that the stones will remain together as earrings," David Bennett, worldwide chairman of Sotheby’s International Jewelry Division, said in a statement. We're confident that the mismatched twosome of massive rocks has a very posh next chapter ahead, whatever that may entail.

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