Ben Affleck Is Totally Down To Direct Jennifer Garner

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/WireImage.
While Ben Affleck is best known as an actor, he's also an accomplished director, most notably with movies like Argo and The Town. Behind the camera, the 44-year-old has worked with a number of stars like Jon Hamm and Morgan Freeman, but one person that he would really love to direct is Jennifer Garner. In an interview with People, the star talked about his desire to direct more films that are led by women — you'll notice his current repertoire heavily favors men — and one of those leading ladies could be his ex-wife, if Affleck gets his wish.
"I would love to [direct Garner], are you kidding me?" the Oscar winner revealed to People. “I think that would be great. I’ve often said that I want to direct a movie that Jennifer was in because I think she’s so great and she could do something really cool."
Though the two filed for divorce last month, it sounds like the two are on good terms despite their rocky history. The pair is no longer a romantic couple, but they are committed to co-parenting their children Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel.
"They want to be sure the kids are comfortable," a source told People after the separation. "He’s moving fairly close by and it’s all in step with what they’ve always said was the most important thing: their children."
Their children are also the reason this directorial vision has never come to fruition.
"The problem that gets in the way is that one of us has to be looking after the kids at home," Affleck continued.
"I’ve got another however many years until college,” he added, suggesting that perhaps this Garner-Affleck collab could happen once the kids have left the nest. "We’re lockin’ it down for the next 13 years."
It's good to see that the decision to end their relationship hasn't stopped the couple from treating both their careers and their family with the attention and respect they deserve, but one day we'd love to see this relationship end with a blockbuster olive branch. Hey, maybe they can make the movie about that!

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