Everyone Who Has Died So Far On House Of Cards (Spoilers)

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Spoiler warning: This article contains detailed spoilers from the first four seasons of House of Cards. Read at your own risk.
Honestly, given all the mystifying headlines coming out each day, murder may be one of the last things separating Netflix's House of Cards from real life (and no, we're not holding your beer, Donald). Like its British successor, the political thriller has created a world in which politicians kiss babies, shake hands, and casually commit homicide when the mood strikes. It's like Game of Thrones swapped Westeros for D.C.
With just a week to go before the show returns — season 5 premieres May 30 — and the body count inevitably goes up, we're remembering the major characters that are no longer with us. Strictly speaking, none of these folks had a natural death. They're also not the only casualties the show has seen: Let's not forget Steve, Frank Underwood's (Kevin Spacey) bodyguard and driver, who lost his battle with pancreatic cancer in season 1; Gaffney resident Jessica Masters, who crashed her car while texting and driving; Anthony Moretti, whose liver transplant and widow were both essentially snatched by Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly); and James Miller, the American father who died at the hands of terrorists at the end of season 4.
A special shoutout goes to the dog Frank shot in the opening moments of episode 1. Really, we should have known what was coming.
Click through to see the show's most memorable deaths. Which one upset you the most? Who do you think will be a target in season 5? And are any of the people responsible EVER going to be caught?
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Peter Russo (Corey Stoll), Season 1

Frank's first kill (besides his neighbor's dog, of course) was the disgraced gubernatorial candidate from Pennsylvania. Frank, then the House Majority Whip, orchestrated Russo's death by carbon monoxide poisoning in his car, staging it to look like a suicide.
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Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara), Season 2

In the original British version of House of Cards, Zoe's counterpart is given the heave-ho off the Houses of Parliament roof, all while screaming "Daddy!" as she falls. In the U.S. version, she's pushed into the path of an oncoming Metro train by her former lover, Frank Underwood, dying instantly.
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Rachel Posner (Rachel Brosnahan), Season 3

This one really hurts. The former sex worker's involvement with Peter Russo didn't bode well for her life expectancy, but it was Doug Stamper's (Michael Kelly) creepy fascination with her that truly sealed her fate. Having somehow survived being left for dead by Rachel at the end of season 2, Underwood's chief of staff eventually tracked her down in New Mexico. Watching his white van pick up speed and bear down on Rachel — whom he'd kidnapped, then released — remains one of the show's most chilling moments.
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Michael Corrigan (Christian Camargo), Season 3

Claire, in her short-lived tenure as UN Ambassador, flew to Russia to secure the release of the LGBT activist who had been arrested for protesting Petrov's (Lars Mikkelsen) homophobic policies. The two formed a bond, but Corrigan ended up using Claire's scarf to hang himself while she napped in his cell. The death, and Frank's subsequent attempts to placate Petrov, had a deep impact on the First Lady.
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Edward Meechum (Nathan Darrow), Season 4

The most loyal of bodyguards/Secret Service agents — in addition to taking part in THAT threesome, he's the one who gave Frank Underwood those F.U. cufflinks — died saving POTUS from Lucas Goodwin's assassination attempt. For his troubles, he was buried at Arlington National Cemetery.
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Lucas Goodwin (Sebastian Arcelus), Season 4

Between the death of on-off girlfriend Zoe and getting sent to prison for cyber-terrorism, former reporter Lucas understandably had a big ol' bone to pick with Frank. Though he was released from prison and entered into the Witness Security program, all that murder conspiracy stuff just really stuck in his craw, you know? And thus he ambushed and put a bullet in the president following a speech at Hammond University. Meechum returned fire and fatally shot Lucas just before dying from his own wounds. To top it all off, Frank recovered after a liver transplant.
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Elizabeth Hale (Ellen Burstyn), Season 4

Claire's mother had a Texas twang, a distrust of Frank (smart), and, sadly, a diagnosis of terminal lymphoma. Claire (Robin Wright) initially used the illness as an excuse to avoid her marriage, but ultimately mother and daughter were able to chip away at the frost. In the end, it was Claire who administered her dying mother's morphine drops, letting her slip away in some semblance of peace.

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