Orlando Bloom's Son Is The Biggest Pirates Of The Caribbean Fan

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It's a pirate's life for Orlando Bloom's son. The actor revealed in an interview with ITV's This Morning that his son Flynn is now obsessed with the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.
Flynn, whom Bloom co-parents with his ex-wife Miranda Kerr, only recently watched his dad's famous franchise — just in time to see the actor appear in the fifth installment, subtitled Dead Men Tell No Tales. This film will reunite Bloom with his co-star Keira Knightley, who also skipped out on the franchise's fourth flick, On Stranger Tides.
Bloom revealed in the interview that he wasn't sure he wanted to show 6-year-old Flynn the films at first, but that his friends at school made it difficult:
"I was weary of showing [the past films to Flynn], but getting older and going to school, kids started to talk about it," Bloom told host of This Morning Phillip Schofield.
He then added:
"I wanted to introduce him to films before anyone else. So I made a special point of walking him through it."
What was Flynn's take away from the movies, which showed his dad as a swashbuckling blacksmith-turned-pirate? Apparently, he was particularly intrigued by one particular stunt:
"He was like 'Dad, can you really hold your breath that long under water?,'" Bloom explained to the host.
Bloom and his son may have bonded over watching Pirates of the Caribbean, but onscreen, Bloom's character Will Turner will bond with his own kid over actual pirating. Dead Men Tell No Tales will introduce Will and Elizabeth's (Knightley) son Henry (portrayed by Brenton Thwaites),who follows in his parents' footsteps. We'll have to wait to see if he's as skilled with a sword as his mom and dad, but from the look of the film's trailer, it certainly seems like he can hold his own.
As for Bloom's real son...perhaps he can earn a role in the possible sixth installment? The only thing cooler than having a pirate for a dad is getting to play one yourself.

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