This Pirates of the Caribbean Theory Has Been Officially Confirmed

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The very first Pirates of the Caribbean movie introduced us to Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) and Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley), a pair that would ultimately become couple goals for anyone who wanted to live life on the high seas with their bae. Unfortunately, Will and Elizabeth's love story was put on pause when Bloom and Knightley decided to skip the fourth film in the franchise, On Stranger Tides. As for Elizabeth and Will, we last saw the pair together in third film At World's End. In that film, Will was forced to captain the Flying Dutchman — and be apart from his wife and child — for an entire decade, only returning to his bride in a post-credits scene. Now it seems that Will and Elizabeth's story will live on in the upcoming fifth film in the franchise, Dead Men Tell No Tales... though not in the way you might think.
While Bloom will be reprising his role as Will in the new franchise — this time, with a face covered in barnacles — Knightley has not yet confirmed her return. (Though reports do tease that the actress did film for a post-credits scene.) Will and Elizabeth may not get the glorious reunion they deserve in the upcoming movie, but a new Disney featurette does reveal that we will get the next best thing: some quality screen time with Will and Elizabeth's son. Disney has officially confirmed that new star Brenton Thwaites will be playing Henry Turner, a.k.a. the child of Will and Elizabeth.
Fans have suspected that Thwaites would be playing the child of the famous couple, partially because the casting could not have been more perfect. Thwaites — who also starred in The Giver — looks exactly like I would expect a child of Bloom and Knightley to look like. (Seriously, it's like he was crafted in a lab by Disney.)
So what trouble will Henry get into in Dead Men Tell No Tales? Now that his parentage is confirmed, it certainly seems like a lot. Check out the full featurette below:
The new movie hits theaters on May 26, 2017.

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