Gemstone Food Is The Next Big Trend & We've Got Proof In The Form Of Toast

Adeline Waugh is at it again. If you don't know that name, you might want to look up her Instagram because the food stylist can be traced to the very beginnings of the unicorn and mermaid food trends. And this time the creator of both unicorn AND mermaid toast has brought us yet another visually-enticing edible mashup. It's rock-themed — well, "gemstone" themed — and yes, it's still multicolored. Waugh's caption reads: "What's the logical thing to do when you have multiple deadlines and real things to do? Well, if you're's attempting to create gemstone themed toasts." Well Waugh, when in Rome.

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We have to wonder, could this newest creation possibly put an end to all the unicorn overload? Gordon Ramsay certainly hopes so — and we don't totally disagree with the chef. The mythical trend has touched one food staple too many (seriously, leave bagels alone).
But that being said, we're not exactly mad about this new rainbow-hued bread by Waugh. Although similar to the unicorn and mermaid versions of the past in coloring, this take is fairly easy on the eyes and reminds us of a more user-friendly version of last year's geode wedding cake trend. Also, there's just something so much more grounding and realistic about rocks, right? Let's all take a giant step back together, kiss mythical creature-inspired foods goodbye, and get down with gemstones. Though, we should be careful what we wish for. Before we know it, we'll end up with a gemstone pizza on our hands.

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