KFC Is Apparently Where A Ton Of People Go On Mother's Day

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If your Mother's Day go-to is a chicken feast brought to you by your local KFC then, rest assured, you are not alone. Mother's Day, it turns out, is the biggest sales day of the year for the fried chicken chain, according to Yum! Brands, the corporate restaurant group that owns KFC. Eater reports that the home of Original Recipe serves approximately 370,000 families for the holiday. That is a lot of chicken and mashed potatoes, not to mention buckets and buckets of gravy. The most popular spots for Mother's Day KFC are towns in Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Kansas, and Ohio. No, Kentucky did not top the list.
KFC has been making the news a lot lately with some out-of-the-box (or should that be out-of-the-bucket?) marketing moves. They constantly switch it up with their rotating slate of Colonels, with Rob Lowe as the latest version of the brand icon. He's suited up as an astronaut Colonel Sanders.
They also released a finger-licking-good romance novella called Tender Wings Of Desire. We haven't downloaded it, but it is sure to contain lots of talk of breasts and thighs. Back in February, we told you about the heart-shaped buckets made for Valentine's Day. Apparently, there's a lot of love to be shared over a delicious piece of chicken.
Mother's Day might already be their biggest sales day, but that doesn't mean KFC is taking that for granted. Ad Week reports that the chain has purchased targeted Facebook ads that will point users to their closest box of Extra Crispy.
It's not all chicken and biscuits for KFC in the news, however. The company made headlines when Yum! Brands announced a corporate change for employees. Mothers who work for Yum! corporate are now entitled to a total of up to 18 weeks of paid time off. Now that's a Mother's Day gift that keeps on giving.
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