15 Trendy Food Words That We STILL Can’t Pronounce

Photo: Getty Images.
I recently came to the horrifying discovery that for the majority of my young adult life I have been mispronouncing "gyro" (our favorite Greek street meat). After playing the YouTube "How To Pronounce Gyro" video a couple of times and jumping up out of my seat, alarming several coworkers, I gasped aloud: How many other food words have I been so wrong about? Thus I embarked on a personal journey to right all the pronunciation-slaying I had wrought (which it turns out, had been a lot).
Ahead you will find 15 popular food words of our time. Terms that have, in one way or another, been verbally debased by us Americans to what can only be described as pure jibber-jabber. Whether you yourself have been the perpetrator, or it's been one of your parents, your boss, or your best friend, it's time to put that all behind you and move forward with confidence in ordering all the açaí bowls and charcuterie boards your heart desires.

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