Justin Bieber Hangs Out With Kids In Mumbai & We Are Touched

Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images.
Let's be honest: Justin Bieber doesn't have the best track record when it comes to interacting with his fans. But the singer's trip to India this week is turning that reputation around fast. Bieber had a show in Mumbai, India on May 10 (which was apparently amazing, by the way). While in town, he decided to hang out with some young Beliebers — and the video evidence is absolutely adorable.
Witnesses to the cuteness shared footage of Bieber when he hopped on a school bus full of young kids. Bieber got down on his knees to meet their eye level, and shook hands with the kids. You can see how thrilled the surprised students are, and it's truly the sweetest video.
As if your heart wasn't full enough, Bieber also hung out with some local fans on the street, where he played a little soccer with some teenagers and adult men. The video shows him kicking around the ball while a circle of people surrounds him.
According to a local outlet, Hindustan Times, Bieber also gave away free concert tickets to around 100 children. He reportedly treated them to a special lounge as well, which offered free food.
Seeing Bieber hanging out with young children in such a genuine way is touching. And as happy as Bieber's appearance is making the kids, it's clear that Bieber is enjoying this kind of connection with his fans.

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