This SoulCycle Teacher’s Side Hustle Is Getting Oprah’s Attention

Photographed by Ashley Batz.
Maybe you live and die by the cult-like class, or maybe you went one time on a friend’s recommendation and literally felt like you were going to die. Regardless of which camp you fall into (no judgement), we can all agree that SoulCycle is intense: your heart pounds, your calves burn, your inner thighs ache in a way you never previously thought possible. Yet its devotees say that it’s not the low-impact cardio that keeps them coming back so much as the soulful experience — and now, the Scientology of boutique fitness is launching what’s described as a “spiritual” bath collection. (Which is fitting, because a hot bath is exactly what you’re going to need once you hop off the bike and limp home.)
In an interview with WWD, SoulCycle senior master Stacey Griffith revealed that, starting next month, loyalists will be able to pick up a muscle soak, bath gel, bath oil, and candles, so you can enjoy the feel-good vibes long after the last drop of sweat has fallen and you've finally regained feeling in your vagina.
What’s more, the concept of the “spiritual bath kit” is already Oprah-approved: After Griffith was invited to Oprah’s “The Life You Want Tour” in 2014, she sent her one very luxurious thank-you gift, complete with Brunello Cucinelli hand towels, a customized bath gel, magnesium, caramels, and even holy water. (“From a mission in Carmel,” to be exact.) “I handwrote a note to Oprah, saying, ‘Here’s how you do a spiritual bath,’” Griffith told WWD. “She left me the sweetest message on my voicemail and I’ll save it forever.”
May we all be fortunate enough to be blessed with spiritual bath boxes of our own. However, we do suggest that they start including an artisan, extra-strength cough drop, to soothe one’s throat after it’s gone raw from screaming motivational mantras for 45 minutes straight.

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