You Can Now Bathe Like Karl Lagerfeld — Without Spending The $$

Karl Lagerfeld is an icon. Not only is his signature white hair as much of a trademark as his clothing designs, but his title of creative director for Chanel also means he gets to play fashion father to some of the world's biggest supermodels. Talk about impressive. And while he might not be the first person you think of to go to for beauty advice, it turns out Lagerfeld is unparalleled in that category, too. Why? His routine is impeccably chic.
In fact, instead of dyeing his hair that coveted alabaster color, he douses it with Klorane dry shampoo. Gives his skin the 5-star treatment, and says he wouldn't dare fall asleep without washing his face. He doesn't shower; he bathes — in a product that strikes a resemblance to micellar water, only it comes from France and smells like straight fashion. And now, it just hit the U.S.
Look, we're no strangers to the powerful effects of micellar water. The no-rinse cleanser is how a majority of us remove our makeup at night and cleanse our skin. But we never quite thought to bathe in it, or anything like it, as Lagerfeld does. Back in 2014, the designer told Elle that he uses a whole bottle of Collosol bath lotion to keep his skin in tip-top shape. If you didn’t think the French had all the beauty secrets before, then this should prove you wrong, because this creamy cleanser is loved by plenty a French celebrity. (Technically, Lagerfeld is German, but his French technique is worth noting.)
The clear, milk cleanser is no-rinse, just like micellar formulas, but is gentle and soothing enough to bathe in, remove makeup, and cleanse your body from head to toe. Does this mean we all should start foregoing showers to soak in a tub full of orange blossom milk at noon every day for the rest of our lives? It just might.
Collosol Eau de Lait, $28, available at C.O. Bigelow.
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