Soon, You'll Be Able To Smell Just Like Kristen Stewart

Photo: Karim Sadli/Chanel.
Kristen Stewart is more likely to star in an indie psychological thriller these days than a big-ticket blockbuster (you know the one), but her high-profile gig as a Chanel ambassador isn’t going anywhere. She’s been working with the iconic brand since 2013, and was appointed as the face of its color cosmetics last year — a partnership that may have seemed unexpected at first, what with Chanel’s reputation for tweed jackets and Stewart’s talent for somehow fitting the word “fuck” into every sentence, but now feels like a match made in cool-girl heaven.
Just today, Chanel announced that the star has been named the face of its upcoming Gabrielle Chanel perfume — which may seem like just another day’s work for the actress, but it’s kind of a big deal. That’s because it’s Chanel’s first fragrance “pillar” — so, not a variation on an existing fragrance, like Chanel No. 5 — in 15 years, which is more than half of Stewart’s entire life thus far. (Just in case you need some perspective on that.)
To promote the new fragrance ahead of its launch this September, Kristen will appear in both a video and print campaign, shot by director Ringan Ledwidge and photographer Kadim Sadli, respectively. Sure, you may not be able to get a sniff of the scent from the visuals alone, but considering how long Chanel has been working on its Next Big Perfume, you can probably assume it'll be damn good. In an earlier press release, the brand described the juice as an “abstract floral,” so take that as permission to let your imagination run wild.

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