Tracee Ellis Ross's Pre-Flight Beauty Ritual Is All Of Us

Never underestimate the importance of the pre-flight skin-care routine: There’s nothing like a few hours spent stewing in stale airplane-cabin air to both zap your skin of moisture and leave you with a couple of new zits for good measure. As she revealed in a recent Instagram video, Black-ish star Tracee Ellis Ross knows that a wise traveler should always come prepared with a host of hydrating products — and it can’t hurt to have a few face-massage tricks up your sleeve, either.
“Still laughing at this video of my preflight facial massage ritual,” the actress captioned the clip of her comprehensive routine. “This happens while in air and again before I land.” She’s got the sweep-and-tap technique down pat: enough pressure to make sure the ingredients have absorbed, but gentle enough that you don’t stretch the skin.
Sure, Ross’s candid video is funny — we all know what it’s like to be that passenger on the plane. But it also has the added (and maybe accidental) benefit of being informative. Remembering to pack your travel-size skin care in your carryon is just as important as remembering to pack enough underwear for your trip. After all, you can always buy more underwear — a complete skin type-specific regimen in 3.4 oz packaging isn’t quite so easy to replace on the fly.

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