Kelly Bensimon Thinks Fighting About Politics on RHONY is "Tacky"

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While the Real Housewives may be known for their never-ending fights, there's one subject Kelly Bensimon thinks they shouldn't touch: politics. At the inaugural Gotham Cares Gala Fundraiser in New York City, Bensimon spoke to Us Weekly about the recent political drama on the current season of the Real Housewives of New York City — namely between Donald Trump supporter Ramona Singer and Hillary Clinton supporter Carole Radziwill — and why the former New York Housewife thinks it's not a good idea.
"I think we all have to remember it’s reality TV," she said. "It’s not The New York Times. It’s really not legitimate, so for us to be having those kinds of conversations on reality TV, I think that’s tacky. It’s just tacky."
Specifically, Bensimon is referring to the fact that Radziwill uninvited Singer from her election party because of her support of Trump.
“I don’t know Carole at all, but I just think slamming anyone for their political views is tacky,” she continued to Us Weekly. “It’s rude. It’s very uneducated.”
Instead, Bensimon thinks you should only talk about politics if you're actually doing something about politics.
"Unless they were, like, doing something really amazing or they were making an impact, that might be a different story," she added. "But just to talk and argue about it? That’s just really tacky."
The Gotham Cares Gala supported Médecins Sans Frontières and their contributions to the Syrian refugee crisis, although Bensimon has also praised Trump, who has been openly opposed to allowing Syrian refugees into the country.
"When Trump was elected as president, I said some nice words about respecting our new president and I got slammed by Twitter, so I really just like to keep my politics to myself now," she told the magazine. "I vote for who I want to vote for and I support whoever I want. The only thing that I can really say and that I constantly repeat is that it’s about what you do every single day. You’re your own politician."
Just maybe, she says, don't be one on camera.
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