The Real Reason Why Jim Gaffigan Is Styling His Wife's Hair

Photo: Andrew Toth/FilmMagic.
It’s hard enough finding a partner who's funny, smart, thoughtful, and a high-functioning member of society. (Why the hell else would the number of dating apps be at an all-time high? These days, it feels easier to pick a good doctor than a significant other, for crying out loud.) Tack on "freelance hairstylist" to the list of asks, and you can pretty much forget about it. Unless Jim Gaffigan has a long-lost single twin out there.
We know, we know: The thought of watching celebrities be sickeningly sweet to their significant others when they're already so seemingly #blessed sounds... annoying. But when it comes to actor/comedian Jim Gaffigan and his wife Jeannie — who recently underwent brain surgery to remove a tumor, according to MSN — it's small acts of kindness, like stepping in to blow-dry her hair during her recovery, that give us glimmer of hope for humanity (and yes, our dating lives).

My post surgery hair stylist is amazing! My new PJs by @imthesmash

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Jeannie uploaded a video to Instagram with the caption, "My post surgery hair stylist is amazing!" But we'd consider that an understatement: Gaffigan was wildly committed to the role, playing the overly chatty stylist we all know too well.
The only thing better than someone proving they can uphold the "through sickness and in health" part of the marriage vows? Someone who make make you laugh at the same time. Find you someone who can do both.

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