North West Is Having The Most Relaxing Time(Out) Right Now

Photo: Rich Fury/Forum Photos/Getty Images.
Spa days are the Champagne of the beauty world: It's an indulgence capable of unlocking all sorts of feel-good potential, and when you want one, you'll do anything you can to make it happen. Of course, dropping whatever you're doing at the exact moment you need some R&R isn't always in the cards. You might be in the middle of a particularly stressful meeting with your boss, for example, or a fight with your roommate. Or, if you're 3-year-old North West, you might be in timeout.
In the world's best lesson in making lemonade since Beyoncé, the toddler brought the spa to her bathroom instead. This morning, mom Kim Kardashian-West posted a photo to Twitter that made her daughter's punishment look a hell of a lot more relaxing than the timeouts we were used to growing up. (Staring at drywall for an hour, anyone?)
In the picture, you can see North snuggled up on a pillow that amasses half her body, with a white paper towel perched atop her face like a lush eye mask. She appears to be in a family bathroom, which makes the experience even more like a makeshift spa day. "That time North gets a time out &is a little too quiet...I go in her room 2check on her &she made her own spa &tells me she's chilling out," KKW captioned the post.
Straight chilling, indeed.

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