Chrissy Metz Reminds Us That Fashion Is For Everyone

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Chrissy Metz first took to Twitter to address the reactions her custom Jane Doe Latex dress elicited at the MTV Movie Awards. A few days later, she's building upon those initial responses with a more fleshed-out reflection on the "controversy" — and it's definitely worth your time.
"Remember that time folks got rowdy because I wore a dress?," Metz wrote on Instagram. "The outpouring of love and support from all of you lovely people has not gone unnoticed. I hope that in some small way an unconventional body wearing an unconventional material opened up discussion, hearts and minds."
The actress went on to admit that she "had no idea" that the latex dress "would make anyone feel uncomfortable" — she just wanted to switch things up, style-wise. "All I'm saying, is do YOU, Boo! Wear what you want, love you love and treat people the way you want to be treated," Metz concluded. That sounds like a solid philosophy.
This story was originally published on May 8, 2017.
Like a tornado, a Twitter troll spins in every which way it can, virtually destroying (i.e. shading) its victims. Celebrities — particularly when they walk award show red carpets — suffer from the idiosyncrasies of the Twitter troll the worst. But actress Chrissy Metz just shut down the haters with a single Tweet, giving us all a lesson in how to defend ourselves in the face of those who just don't get it.
The actress presented the Best Duo award alongside her This Is Us costar Milo Ventimiglia in a burgundy latex dress and matching flats that proved she's seriously on top of her fashion game. And we loved it. The bridge trolls of Twitter, however, took issue with the getup, and had a few things to say. For the sake of curbing the negativity, we won't list their Tweets here, but they can be found somewhere in the dark depths of the social media platform if you really need proof. Instead, we'll share all the positive feedback Metz's response received.
In replies to all of the vitriol caused by her Jane Doe Latex look, Metz Tweeted support for herself — and others — when it comes to why she chose to wear what she did last night, and how others should feel about fashion, too. "For the record, I wear what I want, when I want. News flash it's MY body. #thankstho," she said. First of all, you go, girl. Second of all, she's absolutely right. She wears what she wants when she wants, and that's just the way it is. For those of us who find getting dressed — whether it be in the morning or for a red carpet — to be quite a daunting task, Metz's defense of herself and her style are inspiring. And her followers agreed.
Because if there's anything good that can come out of hate, it's the wave of support and love that follows. And they're all right — there were a lot of well-dressed celebrities last night, but Metz slayed, and the haters are just jealous. Now, let's move on and let her latex look live on as one of our favorite looks in MTV Movie Awards history. That's right. History.
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