Justin Bieber Using A Folding Fan On The Beach Is My Summer Aesthetic

Photo: Newspix/REX/Shutterstock.
Justin Bieber has had an interesting week. He released the song of the summer, "I'm The One," with DJ Khaled, his good buddy Chance the Rapper, the legendary Lil Wayne, and the talented Migos. Then he FaceTimed Hailee Steinfeld and ignited a brief but intense dating rumor before it was quickly squashed. And now, he's in Dubai sharing a slew of photographs from his tour-slash-vacation.
Now, I could talk about Bieber all day, but today is a special day because the 23-year-old just debuted one of his most interesting and compelling photos of the year. Once you see it, you'll understand why — it hits every mark that is required of a perfect piece of Instagram content. It contains a celebrity (Bieber), tattoos (a celebrity's favorite accessory), an interesting background (vacation vibes), and something wacky (we're gonna talk about that fan).
Okay, are you ready? Like, are you? There's a lot happening.
I know! I barely know where to begin. I can't totally put into words why this photo is so damn funny and interesting, but I'll try.
1. He is holding and using a folding fan — trend alert!
2. He is wearing Yeezys on the beach — #yeezyfam.
3. His resting bitch face pout — he has a reputation to uphold, guys.
4. He has a huge body guard trailing him in the very back — I'm sure the aggressive Beliebers are trailing him only steps away.
5. His growing number of tattoos — maybe don't go Ed Sheeran on us.
6. He clearly color-coordinated his trunks with his friend — a nice spring palette happening.
7. He looks, in a word, perfect — the shades, the not-platinum hair, the white socks.
8. This is now my new summer aesthetic.
Or, in the words of a few Belieber fans on the post:
"Oh my god."

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