These MTV Movie & TV Awards Nominations Make No Sense

Photo: Frank Ockenfels/FX.
The MTV Movie Awards have rebranded — on Sunday, we will tune in to the MTV Movie & TV Awards, to watch our favorite stars in all possible categories and mediums take home metallic-sprayed popcorn buckets.
I loved the MTV Movie Awards. Unlike the Oscars, it was an opportunity for movies that captured the popular imagination, if not the critics', to shine. This year, however, the show has been updated to include TV, and so-called "trending moments," in what I can only assume is an attempt to lure viewers too young to remember that iconic The Notebook Best Kiss acceptance speech.
I'm all for adding in new categories! Show of the Year seems like an interesting mix of prestige TV and popular fandom, and Best American Story is a really nice addition. MTV has also erased gendered categories, resulting in an even competition for Best Actor in a Movie (3 women, 3 men) and, refreshingly, 4 women nominated for Best Actor in a Show, and only 2 men.
These are all great things. But I have some serious issues with some of these nominees.

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