Justin Bieber Jumped On The Rose Gold Bandwagon In A Unexpected Way

Photo: Jim Smeal/BEI/Shutterstock.
Justin Bieber just made a pretty dazzling, albeit unconventional, purchase. He bought himself a grill. Though not just any grill. The 23-year-old spent $15,000 on a rose gold grill, covered in light pink sapphires.
Just who is responsible for this mouthpiece mastery you ask? None other than Gold Teeth God. In a short video posted two days ago (that’s only just begun circulating on the internet) the Gold Teeth God said “Blessed @justinbieber 6x6 rose gold with light pink sapphires” in a caption on Instagram.
The video shows an uncomfortably close shot of Bieber’s mouth decked out in pink. Could it be a hint about his Met Gala outfit? It's not quite on theme, but perhaps Biebs is making his own theme this year.
While grills are nothing new, Bieber’s colorful choice is unconventional. Then again, when has the pop star ever transitioned into a new a look quietly. In the past, he has touted Kanye as a style icon, though it seems this new accessory is uniquely Biebs.

Blessed @justinbieber 6x6 rose gold with light pink sapphires ???✨✨✨✨✨✨???

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"However, ill-fitting grills can cause tooth decay, infection and even movement of the teeth, which could lead to needing braces to realign the teeth,” said dentist Dr. Lance Knight in an interview about grills to The Daily Mail. “There could be an increased risk of damage to your teeth if you were accidentally knocked in the mouth – for example, if someone bumped into you while you were drinking from a bottle or glass.”
Tough guy facade aside, Bieber posted an inspiring message on his Instagram earlier this week. He posted an old mugshot photo next to a more recent selfie. He captioned it, “I LOVE THIS because it reminds me IM NOT EXACTLY WHERE I WANT TO BE BUT THANK GOD IM NOT WHERE I USED TO BE!! THE BEST IS YET TO COME DO YOU BELIEVE IT?”
Here’s hoping the Biebs continues to stay out of trouble and maintains good oral hygiene during the next leg of his tour.

@justinbieber 6x6 rose gold with light pink sapphires ????????✨✨✨?

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