Bath & Body Works Just Turned Your Favorite Middle School Scent Into A Bath Bomb

There's nothing like walking the halls of your hometown mall and making your way to Bath & Body Works. You could be at the other end of the building and still get a whiff of the distinct aroma the shop has always boasted — and it's pure bliss. We may not be lathering our bodies in Sweet Pea lotion like we did at 12 years old, but that doesn't mean we still don't long for a bit of nostalgia. Lucky for us, the famous body care brand just gave us something to reminisce about: Bath fizzies that smell like our middle school memories.
Bath & Body Works just added bath bombs to its signature collection. And while that's exciting in and of itself, the best part is that the scents included are just like the ones we grew up on: There's Sweet Pea, Beautiful Day, Japanese Cherry Blossom, and Warm Vanilla Sugar — because how could they not be — but this time they're in the form of our favorite R&R treatment. Click ahead to check out every scent available in Bath & Body Works' new bath fizzies.

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