Did You Notice This About The Bachelorette Poster?

The new season of The Bachelorette cannot get here fast enough. We're pretty much obsessed with Rachel Lindsay, the first Black Bachelorette — and May 22 just feels so far away right now. That's why even the tiniest breadcrumb is super exciting news in Bachelor Nation — and even the smallest detail won't go unnoticed.
On Tuesday, ABC released the first official promotional poster for season 13 of The Bachelorette. At first glance, it looks like pretty standard fare. Lindsay is stunning in a gorgeous ball gown that turns into rose petals in the requisite red. There's the premiere date, the hashtag... but there's something missing from the ad. Can't quite put your finger on it? We have to be honest: Neither could we, at first.
As Jezebel first pointed out, the poster is missing a tagline. You know, a quippy little phrase to set the man or woman giving out the roses apart from their predecessors.
Nick Viall's was "Fourth time's a charm," alluding to the fact that he has appeared on the franchise three times before. JoJo Fletcher's was "From Ben to 26 men." Ben Higgins' himself had this one: "A perfect ten Ben." (Though we begged to differ at the time.) And Andi Dorfman's tagline was a wink at her relationship with former Bachelor Juan Pablo: "She's looking for the right Juan one. (Click through to see all the promos.)
So, why doesn't Rachel Lindsay get a cutesy little tagline? (Not even a lame pun? Something?) Lindsay may be one of the most intelligent, accomplished, and charming women to ever appear on the franchise — and she's making history. Why not let a little of her personality shine through?
My guess: ABC didn't want to make light of the significance of the fact that Lindsay is Black, which might be a wise move after all (though they obviously could have chosen something else to focus on). We can live with the lack of a tagline — annoying but not egregious — as long as Lindsay gets the amazing cast of men she deserves and a real shot at love. And we'll be tuning in May 22 to find out.

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