Something Tells Us “Perfect Ben” Isn’t So Perfect On The New Bachelor

Photo: Courtesy of ABC/Felicia Graham.
We all know that the only flaw with dating shows like The Bachelor is that the guy is just never quite perfect enough. Well, the first trailer for the next season has landed — and we've got some fantastic news for you, hopeful ladies. The next season of the dating show that started it all is its 20th, and the producers have got something special in store of us. His name is Ben Higgins. Sorry, I mean Perfect Ben. Nice guy Higgins made it into the top three on the sexist, offensive disaster that was the last season of The Bachelorette. Yes, he was handsome and seemed like a pretty good dude all-around. But we bet you didn't know he was #flawless. As the voiceover in the trailer explains, "There have been many perfect Bachelors, but this season were giving you the perfect 10! I mean, Perfect Ben." Twenty-five lucky (brave? misguided? well-paid?) women will be vying for his affection. And they are evidently very grateful for Perfect Ben's perfect looks. "Cheers to the hottest man in America!" they say. I mean, the guy has a pretty good smile, no social-media skeletons indicating flaming racism or sexism, and the ability to set Amy Schumer's loins aflame. The odds that he'll live up to his title are pretty great — especially when you consider all the "many perfect Bachelors" previously on the show that he's being compared to. More perfect than Juan Pablo?! No. Way. We don't buy it. One more thing: We really hope Ben's total perfection extends to his ability to tell identical sisters apart, or he could be in for some awkward moments: There's a set of blonde twins among the 25 contestants.

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