People Are Mistaking Karlie Kloss' Perfume For... Something Else

By celebrity standards, Karlie Kloss is the quintessential "good" girl. She's a loyal friend, hardworking model, dedicated student — she's even the face of Carolina Herrera's latest fragrance, Good Girl, for crying out loud. What she is not, however, is a spokesperson for any kind of dildo, vibrator, or sex toy... no matter what people on the internet think.
The confusion all started with a (now deleted) post from the Carolina Herrera Instagram account, reports E!. The video was, obviously, no more than an advertisement for the brand's stiletto-shaped perfume, which Carolina Herrera de Baez, the creative director for the fragrance company, told us earlier this year was intended to represent "an object of feminine power." Commenters, however, saw something else.
Users on Instagram quickly spammed the post with thoughts about the bottle's shape. More specifically: "Legit thought this was a dildo," one read. Another pointed out, "That is a vibrator, not perfume." Honestly, if that were true, we might be even more inclined to buy it — but maybe that's just us.
A rep for the brand declined to comment on the confusion, but did mention that the news originated from "Page Six gossip" and was not factually correct. "The CH post was a targeted Instagram ad and therefore as an ad, does not live on the brand's Instagram page — it wasn't actually deleted," she says. Needless to say, this probably isn't the kind of buzz they were going for.

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