An Extended Lingerie Line Is Here, & It Features A Familiar Face

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Update: Candice Huffine's collaboration with Canadian lingerie brand Fortnight is here! Click through to get a look at the sexy, size-inclusive, leopard print-spotted collection.
This story was originally published on April 14, 2017.
Candice Huffine is everywhere right now. The model is gearing up to run the Boston marathon this weekend, she's just landed the cover of Elle (and Vogue Mexico, lest we forget), and now, she's announcing a collaboration with lingerie brand Fortnight. The capsule collection marks the first celebrity partnership for the Canadian brand, and Huffine's second foray into design. Earlier this year, she designed a top for curve-friendly basics brand Universal Standard.
According to the official press release, Fortnight founder and designer Christina Remenyi knew of Huffine long before the partnership. “Candice [Huffine] has been a muse for me ever since seeing her on the pages of CR Fashion Book back in 2014,” she said. “What struck me was not just her beauty, but her confidence, ease and sense of personal freedom — she embodies the Fortnight woman.” And Huffine's love for Fortnight wasn't exactly new either.
“I was introduced to Fortnight on set for a fashion editorial and I fell in love with the longline bra style, as it was something I had always longed for,” Huffine said. “Immediately following the shoot, I started to wear and fangirl out over the brand, so when Fortnight approached me to collaborate, I didn’t need to think twice.” Well, if that's not the cutest meet-cute we've ever heard. We've only got one campaign image for now, but thankfully, the brand provided more information on what's to come.
The partnership will consist of six styles — a longline wireless bra, a balconette, a slip, a bodysuit, and high waist and bikini bottoms — in two exclusive prints, ranging from $52 - $178. In addition to being hands-on in the design process, Huffine encouraged the brand to extend the size offerings of the capsule collection, adding sizes 36E, 34F, and 30 – 32G to tops, and extending the sizes of bottoms, slips, and bodysuits to XXL.
As for why the leopard print? Remenyi and Huffine feel it's the quintessential representation of the complexity of women. “There’s something so special about leopard print in that it combines both classic and assertive qualities,” Remenyi explained. Huffine added, "We want women to know that they are beautiful in every shape and form. Just as a leopard never changes its spots, we shall never change who we are." Well-said. The capsule collection will be available in late July, online and in-stores. And you can bet your bikini bottom we'll be first in line.
Ahead of the launch, we spoke with Huffine on what it was like to try her hand at designing, what types of pitfalls in the lingerie market Huffine wanted to fix, and how you can style the statement print in and out of the bedroom.
What was the design process like for someone who's used to being on the other side of the camera?
This line was made with love by women for women and was a very meaningful experience for me. Everything was done with women in mind, right down to the way we decided to shoot the campaign. We wanted a visual that was timeless and celebrated bodies and empowerment, and I cannot wait to share the images we created with photographer Lily Cummings.
Also, one of my most favorite things about this is the print — custom, hand-painted leopard by Toronto artist Danielle Suppa, which was designed to tell a story. The fabric has been created so that when cut for each piece, the leopard is one of a kind for that garment, and to me, as special as the woman who will wear it.
How hands-on were you with the designing?
I was extremely hands on in the entire process, and I thank Christina [Remenyi] for allowing me to have that experience. Immediately, we vowed to be completely honest and open [with each other], and to not settle until everything was perfect. We've put over a year into this design process, and the result is a collection we are in love with and very proud of. I was very involved in the creative of the campaign and selection of imagery, as well. It's been a total girl power team.
What types of defects in the lingerie world are you wanting to correct with this capsule?
In the landscape of lingerie, the spectrum of offerings go from very racy (see also: impractical), to very cutesy, and then (sharply) to very basic. I think this collection bridges those gaps. It celebrates a woman's body and gives her freedom to express herself, while being simplistic and chic. My goal was to highlight another perspective of sexy — the kind that I gravitate towards.
Any advance advice on incorporating and styling the pieces with our own wardrobes?
I think a woman should wear beautiful lingerie under her clothes for herself, first and foremost. Then, if shown to someone special, to be able to feel genuinely like herself — beautiful and confident. I hope that the leopard print reminds her that she, too, is unique, and fierce — and bold! — enough to show a little bit of it off to the world (if she likes)! My tips for sharing a hint of lingerie, as a part of your outfit, would be: a classic button down over the bodysuit, unbuttoned low to see the print (or even a sheer or mesh top over the longline bra). I've gone to a party wearing that a few times and felt so fire.

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