Maisie Williams & Her Boyfriend Are Vacation Goals

The question of the perfect couples vacation is a thorny one. You have to strike the correct balance between going to cute brunches, traipsing along the beach, hiking to interesting locations, and finally getting some rest for once in your life. Maisie Williams (you know her as Game of Thrones' Arya Stark) appears to have found just that happy medium with boyfriend Ollie Jackson. Williams is no stranger to being #goals, often with friend and co-star Sophie Turner, so this should come as no surprise.
Williams and Jackson started their vacation in Marrakesh (which will be familiar to Thrones fans as Dorne) before moving to Morocco.
This is a classic couples pose. Relaxed, with the guy trying just a teeny tiny bit harder with his pose and sunglasses.

Just a couple of kids Marraseshing 🍸

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Williams herself donned sunglasses for this next snap.


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The couple did a seriously elaborate brunch. We're not even sure what most of these liquids and solids are, but we do know that we want to eat them. Specifically, we'd like to eat them in Marrakesh. More specifically, we'd like to be flown there and put up in a five star hotel. Please and thank you.

t 4 2

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And here's Jackson texting his mother while wearing a very stylish raincoat. Charming as always.

Texting his mum again 👏🏻

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They also donned matching outfits for a paddleboard outing, which is the only proper way to go paddleboarding.

Our matching outfits were NOT planned 😩 #bitchstolemylook

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Williams documented his good hair day. Like we said, vacation goals.

this is what a #goodhairday looks like

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