Was Harry Styles' Twitter Just Hacked?

Harry Styles just shared a very bizarre picture of his former One Direction bandmate Louis Tomlinson. Is Styles totally trolling fans, trolling Tomlinson, or has his account been hacked, meeting the same fate as have so many celebrity accounts before? This is one wacky 1D mystery — but it is nice that we have something to tie these two together again, regardless of the status of their boy band.
Teen Vogue has the receipts. According to Teen Vogue, Styles retweeted a fan's tweet that showed two side-by-side photos of the "Just Hold On" singer. One side — the "then" photo — shows Tomlinson sipping on some sort of frothy beverage. The other — the "now" pic — is of Tomlinson holding a Starbucks cup, wearing a nearly-identical expression on his face. (Clearly, history repeats itself.) Though the tweet has since been deleted, Twitter user @LouisWTNews screencapped the alleged tweet:
Maybe Styles was sending a subtle message about Tomlinson's obsession with milk-based drinks? Or, maybe, he was hacked — possibly by a fan who is all about that Larry life. (For those uninitiated, some fans "ship" the pair under the combo name Larry Stylinson, something that Tomlinson himself has spoken out about as being an irritating part of the fandom. He even attempted to block the word "Larry" from his Instagram comments, which went over about as well as expected.)
Here's what some people had to say about Styles' alleged tweet. Is it legit? Fans have different thoughts:
I have to say: if someone did hack Styles' account (which is never okay, by the way) they certainly stirred the pot in a rather strange way. Sure, Larry shippers were pleased, but...what was the purpose of this chaos? Or maybe the tweet did come from the mind of Styles, but he chose to delete it ASAP in order to not start a One Direction field day on the social media platform.
What is the truth?!?! Unless Styles releases a statement, we may never know.

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