Fans Are Unhappy With Louis Tomlinson For Blocking This Word On Instagram

Instagram recently added the option for users to hide comments with words they deem inappropriate. And one such offending term, according to One Direction's Louis Tomlinson, is "Larry." In order to understand why, you have to understand a popular One Direction fan theory. A group of 1D devotees insists that Tomlinson and Harry Styles are dating, though both members have denied this, according to BuzzFeed. These imaginative fans all the couple "Larry Stylinson." Tomlinson has called the Louis-Harry 'shippers "fucking annoying." And now, thanks to Instagram's addition, he doesn't have to hear from them — at least not on that social media platform.
But the move hasn't worked out too well. Instead, people are just spelling the name differently. In fact, now that everybody's commenting with variations of "Larry" on his photos, more people know about the rumor than ever.

Massive happy birthday Niall! Miss you always X #rapscenewatchout

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Some are worried he'll go all Justin Bieber on us and delete his Instagram. After all, it would be easier than adding "LARRYY," "L A R R Y," "Larre," "Houis," and every other monicker that insistent fans come up with to his blocked-word list.

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