He Did It! Justin Bieber Deleted His Instagram Account

Hell hath no fury like a Bieber scorned. Justin Bieber has carried out his threat to delete his Instagram account. The move comes after the pop star feuded online with ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez and accused fans of being "mean" to new love Sofia Richie. Pour one out for all the bare bum photos. "I’m gonna make my Instagram private if you guys don’t stop the hate; this is getting out of hand," Bieber warned his followers over the weekend in his comments section. "If you guys are really fans you wouldn’t be so mean to people that I like." The account now turns up a broken link. However, the Biebs hasn't left social media entirely. His Twitter feed is still intact, as is his Facebook profile. Look, there are even new photos of him with his new dog, Todd. (Really? Todd?) There's even this soulful, shirtless selfie that suggests he's having a bit of a Britney Spears moment. "No longer a boy," he captioned the tattoo-heavy pic. "There's a new man in town." Consider yourselves warned.

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