Shannon Purser, AKA Barb, Tweeted About Getting Comfortable With Sex

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Shannon Purser, the actress who played everyone's favorite Stranger Things character, just got real about sexuality in a series of tweets.
The star is 19, but if her words are any indication, she's wise beyond her years. Purser explained that knowing what sexuality means to you can be a challenge — and there's no reason to rush anything.
"Getting comfortable with your sexuality is a process. It's going to be ok. I wish I'd known that sooner," Purser tweeted on Tuesday. "Another thing I wish I'd known about sexuality is to take it slow. It can define you as much as you want it to."
Purser also tweeted that she's experienced "anxiety" about her own sexuality.
"Either way, I know what it's like to have anxiety about it. Especially trying to come to terms with it and my faith. It can be really scary," the actress shared. "But it's gonna be ok. You're going to be ok. No, you're going to be great."
She also encouraged any fans who believe in higher powers to pray for her, saying she'd do the same for them. "All that to say, you're not alone. You're in my prayers and, if you're the praying kind, please keep me in yours," Purser tweeted.
Both of the roles Purser is known for deal with teen sexuality. Her Stranger Things character, Barb, was killed after Nancy left her friend at a party in favor of being with Steve. And Purser's Riverdale character, Ethel Muggs, was a victim of a slut-shaming list circulated among the school's male athletes. (The latter led to the perfect Barb sendoff — "Justice for Ethel" was actually said out loud in a Riverdale episode.)
We're glad Purser is speaking out and encouraging her fans to explore sexuality in their own ways. Her words are a powerful reminder to people of any age that it's okay to be whoever you are — and it's also okay to still be figuring that out.

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