The Stuff Inside This Egg Carton Is No Yolk

Rarely, if ever, would you see scrambled eggs and bubble baths in the same sentence. They're not exactly synonymous — either in intention or purpose — no matter how idyllic eating breakfast in the tub sounds. It goes without saying, then, that the moment a half-dozen carton of eggs landed on my colleague's desk claiming to be "beauty" related, I immediately called bullshit. But as they say, never judge an omelet by the size of its ingredients (or something like that).
The product at hand is, in fact, an egg carton-full of bath bombs — and good ones, at that. They come from Level Naturals, an eco-friendly, vegan, and cruelty-free brand born out of an organic farm in Hawaii. (Wait, is this the story about a chicken or...?) The six-pack of orbs don't all come in the color of farm-raised eggs, either — that's just the tangerine and spearmint scent. The other fragrances — there are 10 in total — range from floral (jasmine and rose) to citrusy (grapefruit and bergamot) to smoky (frankincense and myrrh) and more, all infused with jojoba oil to soften skin and epsom salt to ease muscle pain.
Even better, each one has its own special blend of aromatherapy oils that fizz up in the bath and cool on contact with your skin. So if you're scrambling (sorry, had to) over your piled-up to-do list at home and are looking for a way to unwind, there's no better method of doing so for just $2.75. (For extra relaxation, you can dump the whole carton in, but it'll cost you $16.50.) Now get cracking.
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