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We Can't Decide If This Egg-Within-An-Egg Video Is Cool Or Disturbing

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
Perhaps one of the best thing about modern life is that when you sense that something weird is about to happen, you can easily turn on your camera, film everything that unfolds and then immediately share it. Recently, we were reminded of what a gift this is when we came across the strangest YouTube video we've seen in a while. A user named SNO Multimedia, who usually posts videos with emergency survival tips, posted something a little different this past weekend. He noticed that his hen had laid an egg that was much larger than normal and was curious what might be inside. So, as is the norm nowadays, he turned on his camera and filmed as his wife cracked it open.
The video begins with this special egg sitting next to a regular egg, and the perspective show how freaking huge this weird egg really is. Before it's cracked open, the woman holding the egg sort of shakes it around to see if we can hear anything unusual rattling around inside. There doesn't sound like anything out of the ordinary is going on in there, so the cracking begins. The large egg is easily split open and a normal yolk falls into the bowl underneath. But, something else comes out of the broken egg shells too. It's a whole other egg. Crazy, right?
This egg within the egg seems to be a normal size or perhaps a little smaller. The onlookers ask the woman to crack the egg that has just come out of the other to see what's inside this one. The cracker obliges, but this smaller egg proves difficult to break because the shell seems to be softer than that of a normal egg. Warning: watching her try the pry the soft shell apart may send shivers down your spin or at least cause you to wrinkle your nose up at how wild this whole thing is.
SNO Multimedia wrote in the video's description that everyone was too freaked out to eat the eggs, so instead his wife made a hair conditioner out of them. We don't blame these folks for not wanting to eat what came out of this weird egg-within-an-egg since we were pretty weirded out by the whole thing too. According to Countryside Daily, finding an egg inside another giant egg is quite rare but does happens enough to be a well-known phenomenon by those who raise chickens. The website reports, "The cause of this phenomenon is called a counter-peristalsis contraction and occurs while the hen is in the process of forming an egg in her oviduct." We're so glad this guy turned his camera one so we could be made aware of this kind of cool, kind of disturbing egg situation.

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