These Celebs Look SO Different With Coloured Contacts

Photo: James Devaney/GC Images.
If you’ve ever considered wearing coloured contacts to change up your look, have at it. But know this: You’re not fooling anyone. No matter how “realistic” they might appear at first glance, there’s always something just a little... off.
This is especially true for celebrities — thanks to the invention of the Internet, there exists an easily accessible backlog of photos that document your eye colour from one public appearance to another, thereby ruining any chance you might have of convincing anyone that your special, rare bright green eyes are the real deal, Ivanka. The truth hurts.
But that doesn’t stop some stars from throwing eye-colour caution to the wind and experimenting with their irises the way they would their hair. And it makes a BIG difference, as you can see in the before-and-after comparisons, ahead.
They say the eyes are the window to the soul, so consider a set of coloured contacts a kind of window treatment. The only difference is that window treatments definitely won’t make you go blind without a prescription.

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